Meet Mr Hugh Mann. Hugh loves humans, and he wants to be just like them. Help Hugh to fit in and learn what human life is like by manually moving his head, arms and legs as you work together to explore an array of fun and wacky jobs in the pursuit of helping Hugh to fit and be accepted by all!

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Human Simulator Released!

The day has finally come, after two years of hard work, we have finally released our first video game to the world.


We have learned a lot from this experience, and we plan to keep pushing our plans forward into 2020! 

Date posted: 13/01/2020


One Day Till Release!

We are so close! We want to thank everyone who has supported us so far as we continue to push for release. 

Date posted: 13/01/2020



"We want to make games of all types, as long as its interesting and innovative we'll be there!"

Lyre Lyre Studios has 4 hard working members who strive to make games that fill a criteria that we believe are the key elements to creating fun games.

We have created something that we have all dreamed of; a studio we can call our own, to build on new ideas and design games that can entertain and amuse.



We aim for innovation and creativity, and above all we want our games to be fun and enjoyable.


What's important to us is innovation, no matter how we plan to implement our ideas, we want to give our players a new experience that is entertaining. 

We hope that, given time and support, that we can continue to create these types of games well into the future, and expand our knowledge of game development to create bigger and better games for everyone to enjoy.