Lead Designer / Producer / Business Manager

Harry is the Lead Designer, Producer and Business Manager at Lyre Lyre Studios. Originally from a science background, Harry completed Bachelors and Masters degrees at the University of Melbourne before switching to complete an Advanced Diploma and Graduate Diploma in game development at AIE. Well versed in history and well travelled, Harry’s interests include almost all things, although he is particularly fond of games, sports and the way peoples minds work.

Lead Programmer / QA Tester

Ronald is a Programmer at Lyre Lyre Studios. Currently the only programmer in the team and have been tasked with all tasks related to programming. Specialising in game play programming in C# and C++. Have graduated from RMIT with a Computer Science Degree. Also completed Advance Diploma in Professional Games Development Programming and currently studying Graduate Diploma of Management and Learning at Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE).

Lead Artist / Technical Artist / 3D Modelling

Robert is a Technical Artist working for Lyre Lyre Studios as the Lead Artist. Interests include playing games, watching anime, and card/board games. Currently has 6 years of game development under his belt, specialising in; effects, shaders, 3D hard surface modelling and animation.

Character Artist / Animator / 3D Modelling

Nathan is an organic character modeller and animator working for Lyre Lyre Studios , primarily specialising in monsters and creatures but also works on inanimate objects occasionally. Enjoys casual gaming, drawing, music, and movies. Had recently just graduated from the AIE completing an Advanced Diploma in Professional Game Art and Animation and a Graduates Diploma of Management and Learning.



"We want to make games of all types, as long as its interesting and innovative we'll be there!"

Lyre Lyre Studios has 4 hard working members who strive to make games that fill a criteria that we believe are the key elements to creating fun games.

We have created something that we have all dreamed of; a studio we can call our own, to build on new ideas and design games that can entertain and amuse.


We aim for innovation and creativity, and above all we want our games to be fun and enjoyable.


What's important to us is innovation, no matter how we plan to implement our ideas, we want to give our players a new experience that is entertaining. 

We hope that, given time and support, that we can continue to create these types of games well into the future, and expand our knowledge of game development to create bigger and better games for everyone to enjoy.

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