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By: Lyre Lyre Studios on 13/01/2020

Welcome to the Human Simulator press kit!

About Human Simulator
  • Developer: Lyre Lyre Studios

  • Platform: PC

  • Release Date: 13th of January, 2020

  • Price: USD $9.99 on Steam

  • Languages: English

  • Socials: 

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Meet Hugh Mann! Hugh may look like your average human but the truth is of course he's anything but! Help Hugh fit into society and learn what human life is like by manually moving his body parts to complete a variety of tasks and jobs, and allow him to fulfil his dream of being truly human. But be careful! You might find that being a normal human is a lot more difficult than you might think, be too suspicious and the jig is up!​

Human Simulator offers a host of funny and interesting jobs for Hugh to attend, with each level becoming more complex and difficult along the way. By physically rotating Hugh's head, as well as pushing and pulling his hands, and manually operating his legs, you might end up realising how much we take for granted in just being our normal human selves. After all, being human is surprisingly tough! How tough, you ask? Let's find out...

This is our first ever release, we have big plans for this game if it does well, and plenty of plans for future content and other games.

  • 100% totally realistic human simulation and interaction

  • Physics-based gameplay

  • High difficulty and mechanical mastery

  • 6 levels and multiple gameplay perspectives (1st person, 2nd person, OTS)

  • Strong humour and comedic components

  • Extensive narrative

  • Spring joint mechanics and IK system

  • Unlockables and secret endings

About Lyre Lyre Studios

"We want to make games of all types, as long as its interesting and innovative we'll be there!"

Lyre Lyre Studios has 4 hard working members who strive to make games that meet the criteria that we believe are the key elements to creating fun games.

We aim for innovation and creativity, novel ideas, new twists on old concepts and above all we want our games to be fun and enjoyable.


Harry Eason

Lead Designer / Producer / Business Manager

Ronald Cheung

Lead Programmer / QA Tester

Robert Deal

Lead Artist / Technical Artist / 3D Modelling

Nathan Valentino

Character Artist / Animator / 3D Modelling





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